Yosef Wosk Family Foundation

Keith Rice-Jones

Keith Rice-Jones, Triple Consequence, 2020. Glazed Stoneware. 48″ high

​​Yosef Wosk, recently appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada for his far-reaching contributions to his community as a scholar, educator and writer, and for his generous philanthropy, has announced an especially welcome gift to the North-West Ceramics Foundation. He has confirmed an on-going donation to the NWCF from the Yosef Wosk Family Foundation, financial support that will enable us to consider new and exciting projects to promote BC ceramics and to initiate socially relevant projects relating to the ceramic arts.

Through its volunteers and with the support of the British Columbia ceramics community, the North-West Ceramics Foundation has fostered education and excellence in BC ceramics for twenty-seven years. As this difficult year of pandemic draws to a close, the NWCF is extremely grateful for this magnanimous gift.

We look forward to undertaking new and challenging projects, which we will begin to announce in the coming year.