Maureen Wright Application

Amy Duval, Mechanics of Growth (Part V), 2017, ceramic, coloured slips, 17’ x 9’.

Application for Maureen Wright Bursary
Established by the North-West Ceramics Foundation and the Wright family, this bursary honours the self-taught potter Maureen Wright, who died of cancer in 1997. It is open to B.C. residents working in ceramics at all levels. Funds are generated on an ongoing basis by potters in British Columbia, who donate mugs for the mug wall sales set up at major ceramics events. The bursary contributes up to $200.00 toward costs of attending educational ceramics events such as workshops or conferences. Funds are not to be used for expenses associated with a full-time ceramics program, but student applicants may apply for educational opportunities outside the regular curriculum.

⦁ The candidate must be a resident of British Columbia.
⦁ Board members of the North-West Ceramics Foundation are not eligible.
⦁ Students currently enrolled in a full-time ceramics program may apply only​ for events outside the regular curriculum.
⦁ Previous recipients may reapply after five years.

Clarity of intent
A realistic budget

In a one-page letter of application (PDF format), please address the following:
Describe the workshop/conference you wish to attend, providing supporting documentation if available.
Provide a realistic budget of estimated cost.
Describe how this educational support will advance your work.
Please include a one-page CV briefly listing previous education, exhibitions and experience with ceramics. All applications are considered confidential. Applications may be made at any time and will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.

​Please email your submission to with “Maureen Wright Bursary” and your name in the subject line.