Judy Chartrand

Mimbres Ballet, 2020, coiled paper clay, underglaze, glaze, 8.5” H x 11” W (detail)

Judy Chartrand is a Manitoba Cree artist born in Kamloops and raised in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  After receiving encouragement from two First Nations counselors, she applied to college, where she began her career as a ceramic artist.  Chartrand’s early works were autobiographical, situating herself and her family in the history of Vancouver. Her works frequently confront issues of post-colonialism, social inequity and Indigenous knowledge expressed through the mediums of ceramics, found objects, archival photography and traditional Indigenous techniques of beadwork, moose hair tufting and quillwork. Judy Chartrand was awarded the NWCF Award of Excellence in 2018. For more, please see her website at https://www.judychartrand.com/.