BC Ceramic Marks Registry

BC ceramic marks registry

Sample page, BC Ceramic Marks Registry

In conjunction with the Craft Council of BC, the North-West Ceramics Foundation is pleased to support the BC Ceramics Marks Registry.

In 2005, while preparing for the Potters Guild of BC’s (PGBC) 50th anniversary, Debra Sloan began to collect BC ceramic marks. It soon became apparent that ways and means of recognizing individual artists had not been established.

Recognizing an artist’s work is essential to establishing the provenance of the work. Since 2005, she has solicited biographies from BC ceramic artists while collecting their marks, and she has also photographed marks in situ at collectors’ homes and second-hand shops.

If you are a potter in BC, we would love to include your mark in our registry!

Please fill out the form to have your ceramic mark included

For a link to the preliminary draft of the Marks Registry, see here.