Archived Talks

Tom Lauerman, A collection of glazed ceramic objects created via 3D printing and hand building.

We are now on YouTube!! As our featured speakers present their talks and are recorded on Zoom, we will post the recordings approximately two weeks after the event. Click on the links below to watch our talks!


Kate Metten and Cathy Terepocki: International Day of Creativity and Innovation–A Discussion April 21, 2024

Neil Forrest: Engineering Solutions: Ornament to Installations  January 28, 2024

Robots and the Human Hand: From Automation to Improvisation in Digital Fabrication, January 28, 2024


好「東西」要和好朋友分享!: Sharing the Best (of East and West) with Good Friends! April 2, 2023

David Lloyd: “What Do We Make and Who Do We Make Things For?” February 19, 2023


Martina Lantin | “Role: Function and Object October 16, 2022

Robin Dupont: Wood-firing in Canada. March 27, 2022.

Ronnie Watt: Reading a negotiation and expression of identity in South African Ceramics, February 27, 2022.


Samantha Dickie: Large Scale InstallationsNovember 25, 2021.