About the bursary

Maureen Wright, bowl, nd

The Maureen Wright Bursary was set up in memory of Maureen Wright, a BC pottery teacher who died in 1997. Funds are dispersed to applicants who wish to attend workshops or to purchase studio equipment or supplies. The bursary is funded through sales of mugs donated by BC Potters to MUG WALLS set up at major events.


2024 Chrystal Johnson, Heather Lippold
2023 Kristine Aguilar
2022 Fredi Rahn
2020 Kate Metten
2017 Amy Duval
2013 Karisa Evdokimoff
2012 Debbie Dugdale, Linda Lewis, Heather Dahl, Melody Reay
2011 Kelly Austin
2010 John Winkler, Hilary Huntley, Jan Lovewell
2007 Gabriela Busse
2008 Juliana Greaves
2006 Sue Griese, Lynda Jones, Rosemary Greedy, Ester Strybos, Emily Smallwood
2005 Jim Stamper, Ian Johnson, Barbara Wagner, Jean Hungar, Julia Gilmore, Danny Kostyshin, Pat Munroe, Karen Ware
2004 Nicole Reidmuller, Sarah Gobes, Matthew Freed, Brad Temple
2003 Leanne Engers
2002 Gill McMillan, Joanna Borlasse, Rosemary Amon, Kathy O’Reagan
2001 Marilyn Magid
2000 Fredericka Rahn
1999 Laurie Rolland, Jamie Gibbons, Margaret Ko, Steve Provenence, Sarah Beck
1998 Sarah Beck

Potters Guild of BC Bursary (discontinued)
Marilyn Magid – 2001
Friederike Rahn – 1998

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