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History of the NWCF

The North-West Ceramics Foundation was incorporated in 1993 to assist the Potters Guild of BC in sustaining its educational mandate. To ensure that the PGBC was well represented there are always four PGBC members on the Board and the PGBC President is one of the Directors of the NWCF. There can be up to eleven Board Members. The NWCF and the PGBC are independent organizations, but work in close collaboration. The NWCF acts as the charitable arm of the PGBC with the agenda of fostering public education in the ceramic arts.

Since 1994 the NWCF has supported a number of scholarships (more info):

  • 1995-1998 Lottery for Pottery
  • Potters Guild of BC Scholarship
  • 1995-2007 Jumpstart Awards
  • NWCF Endowment